IPCC Models: Climate Policies Likely to be More Expensive than Global Warming Damage during this Century

Robert Murphy reviews the IPCC cost estimates for climate change mitigation policies. I contend that Murphy might even have underestimated the expected mitigation costs projected by the IPCC, which are based on cost-effective scenarios.


A Review of the Cost of Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan: Jacobin Magazine Criticized

According to Jacobin Magazine’s Matt Bruenig, even libertarian institutes grudgingly admit that a single-payer healthcare system would save trillions of dollars over a 10-year period. I contend that this is based on a severely faulty analysis of the working paper cited in his article, which actually presents the figure as an unrealistic lower-bound estimate subject to much criticism.

Dutch Pillarization and Local Sovereignty

The Dutch system of “Pillarization” divided the Netherlands according to belief system, but united all but the classical liberals in the belief that sovereignty belongs to one’s own circle rather than a centralized state. The philosophy on which pillarization is based illumminates a possibly preferable alternative to our current descent into centralization; (inter)nationalism, and grievance-based identity politics.